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Zaya's daycare
Zaya, provider
Zaya is a beautiful mother of five children, 15, 11 (twins), 5, and 2 year-olds. 
She prefers harmony and promotes self discipline when interacting with kids.   
We are a family owned business.
Zaya's Daycare is a family owned business operating in our two story house which is located at the safest neighborhood in San Francisco. We established Zaya's daycare in early 2020 and have taken care of many beautiful infants and toddlers since then. 

We are born and raised in Mongolia, a beautiful country at the heart of Asia. A lot of our customs and foods are Mongolian. We moved to USA to strive for success. For us taking care of your child is a privilege. It means a lot, so please give us a call today to schedule a tour.  

​We also send pictures to concerned parents and send videos for special milestones. 
Excellent references are provided upon request from previous employers and parents.
We try to make a warm second-home to all of our students. So parents feel at ease of mind. 
Address: 37th avenue& Fulton street, San Francisco, CA, 94121

Contact us
Please email us for more information and quotes. We will respond as soon as we can. Thank you
We are conveniently located near Lafayette elementary school, George Washington High School, and San Francisco Public Library. 

Our nearest businesses are on Balboa streets, Geary blvd, and Clement street.  
We are close to Golden Gate Park and we walk to beautiful Spreckels Lake when weather permits. 
You can email us at 

Or you can fill in the blanks under contact us and we will contact you back.